6 Pack Plank'it Ball (Ball) Set
6 Pack Plank'it Ball (Ball) Set

6 Pack Plank'it Ball (Ball) Set

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  1. 6 Balls (3 per color)
  2. Ball Bag 

Balls are designed with flexible / durable PVC with a self regulating filter. 

Size (per ball) : 3" in Diameter

Note: Over time normal wear and tear may occur, so come to us for new 6-pack!

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Introducing Plank'it Ball

The Ultimate Outdoor Game for Fun-Filled Competitions!

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor gatherings and make lasting memories with family and friends? Look no further than Plank'it Ball, the exciting game that brings together friendly competition, skill, and endless entertainment. You can play it almost anywhere - whether in your backyard, at the beach, tailgating or camping. Plank'it Ball is the perfect game for kids, adults, and the whole family to enjoy together.

Game Setup

  • Gather your friends and family to form two teams of either 1 or 2 players.
  • Each team will have three balls in their chosen color.
  • Place the Plank'it boards with the front edges facing each other. Official playing distance is 20 feet apart, however feel free to adjust to the distance where you will have the most fun.
  • Get ready to showcase your throwing skills and strategic moves!

How to Play

The rules of Plank'it are easy to learn & have many fun twists (unlike boring cornhole).

  • Each team alternates throwing.
  • Balls can be rolled, tossed, chucked, or however you want to plank'it. (As long as each thrower's feet stay behind the front edge of the board.)


  • There are 4 ways to score in Plank'it Ball. Players get the most points by landing on the plank, giving them 5 points.
  • The objective is to be the first team to reach 21 points to secure your victory. However there is an additional twist to add even more fun!
  • If a team's score goes over 21, it resets to 15, UNLESS a player lands their ball on the plank. Landing on the plank allows a team to go over 21 and still win.
  • If a plank lands for the win, the opposing team has until the end of the round to try and knock off the winning plank.

Scoring Rules

At the end of each round, subtract the lower score from the higher score to determine the net score. The team with higher score on the previous round will throw first next.

Remember, when the balls are evenly distributed between scoring areas, always count the higher score.

Strategy and Tactics

Plank'it Ball is a game that rewards strategy and tactical thinking.

Players have the opportunity to roll or throw the balls, adding an extra layer of versatility to their gameplay.

Knocking opponents' balls off the board is fair game, so be prepared for throws that can turn the tables in an instant.

How to store your game

*Store game properly, to avoid boards from scratching.

  • Put Plank'it balls in the small mesh travel bag.
  • Unzip carry case on flat surface.
  • Lay the first Plank'it board face-down.
  • Place balls in empty space.
  • Place second Plank'it board bottom-down in the opposite direction of the first board.
  • Zip up the carry case until you are ready to Plank'it again!

TIme to Connect, Compete, Plank' it!

Plank'it Ball brings people together, encourages healthy competition, and guarantees hours of laughter and enjoyment. So, gather your friends, set up the boards, and let the excitement begin!

Experience the thrill of Plank'it Ball today, and create unforgettable moments in the great outdoors. Get ready to challenge your skills, unleash your competitive spirit, and become the Plank'it Ball champion!

Note: Keep in mind that safety precautions should always be taken during gameplay, and adult supervision is recommended, especially when children are participating.