Like many of Gary Graham's inventions, Plank’it Ball springs from his creative mind and suburban garage. Growing up on the lakes of Minnesota, Gary has always been active with family and friends - playing endless games, watersports and all things involving quality time together. With his engineering degree and a bit of discipline from his Navy days, Gary became everyone’s go-to for building or fixing just about anything.

Gary dreamed up Plank’it Ball to elevate fun and engagement beyond traditional games like cornhole - making it portable, indoor-friendly, and competitive, with a fresh scoring twist. His aim was to create a game that brings people together for genuine interaction, something our digital-age world greatly needs today!

Today, Plank’it Ball brings a creative and entertaining spin to any gathering, fostering lasting memories with others. Whether in your backyard, at the beach, a neighborhood BBQ, or inside on a rainy day, Plank’it Ball turns every gathering, big or small, into a fun-filled time to remember.

Welcome to the Plank’it Ball family! And always remember… #ballsoversacks

Meet the Team!

Gary Graham


Gary is an entrepreneur at heart and has spent most of his career running manufacturing operations for medical device companies and working closely with design engineers to improve products. Gary started his career as an officer in the US Navy where he quickly learned how to be a hands on leader. He grew up playing football and baseball and has always enjoyed friendly, but competitive yard games with family and friends. Gary works full time for Aria CV, a start up medical device company where he is VP of Operations. In his spare time, he enjoys waterskiing, fishing, and pickleball, but is passionate about manufacturing Plank' it Ball in Minnesota and making it the highest quality game for everyone to enjoy!

Ted Hissey


Ted Hissey is a general management and marketing leader with experience across many well-known consumer brands, including Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Ocean Spray, Jose Cuervo, and Southern Comfort. A former collegiate quarterback and shortstop, Ted now focuses his athletic efforts on golf and Plankitball. He lives in Amelia Island, Florida, where he can pursue both of his passions 12 months a year. His go-to Plankitball technique is the palm-down underhand throw that provides good accuracy with a touch of spin to hold the Plank.

Marc Satterthwaite


Marc retired from Brown-Forman in 2019 after a 31-year career managing both US and overseas markets. Like many retirees, he spends a fair amount of time playing golf, pickleball, and traveling. After joining the Amelia Island Club, he met Dan Cook and his friend, Gary Graham, from Minnesota who had an idea about a game called Plankitball. Marc played the game in the parking lot and was hooked! Throw, roll, and score is what it is all about. He is both an advocate and investor!

Sydney Graham


Sydney’s extensive background in marketing and sales, along with her leadership roles in various startup companies, inspired her to start her own digital marketing company, Peak Creative Studio. As a contractor for Plank'it Ball, Sydney has helped execute a branding strategy, designed our website, manages our social media presence, and beyond. Residing in Montana, Sydney is an avid enthusiast of the outdoors, often found hiking or practicing yoga, embodying a lifestyle that keeps her energized and inspired.She loves bringing Plank'it Ball to friends' gatherings, sharing her passion for the game and getting others involved.

Dan Cook


Dan Cook is a seasoned senior management professional with extensive experience in international sourcing and engineering. He founded OPS America, a successful company specializing in engineering and operations outsourcing in China, thriving for 16 years. Dan and his wife, Heidi, recently relocated to Florida, celebrating 32 years of marriage. Here they love to spend time playing Plank'it Ball on the beach with the friends and family.